Rooting your Career in Self-Love with Ta’lor Pinkston

Prioritizing self-love and self-care is essential for your career. Tune in to meet Ta’lor Pinkston. Ta’lor is the founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC and has made it her mission to help women and girls know their worth by making self-love a priority through creating a community for women empowerment. Tune in below or on Apple, Spotify, Castbox (and more!) for new ways to practice self-care that will ultimately create success and development in your career.


Ta’lor launched her blog, LADYHOOD journey, that helped her heal through many of the struggles she was facing. It is focused on self-love, womanhood and healing (2:20.)

“Glowing-up” to Ta’lor is not a financial gain, instead it’s a personal inner-peace to understand your own worth. She believes that when anyone focuses on the glow-up and their desire of what they really want to do that it shows (3:30.)

Being a perfectionist and seeking perfection can be such a disservice to yourself as perfection is not attainable (5:25.)

Self-love is being okay with being imperfect.
— Ta'lor Pinkston

A big part of Ta’lor’s self-care is in her own self-reflection and being compassionate in regards to herself (7:30.)

We don’t realize how much power our worth has.
— Ta'lor Pinkston

Ta’lor believes that affirmation is key. She writes down anything she wants to proclaim into this world. “Lift you hands in the air and say I’m powerful!” (9:52.)

“If you say I am powerful, I am going to rock this, I am capable, who I am is awesome in every way, then I guarantee you are going to believe it“ (13:00.)

Never dim your light to be in a relationship and neglect what your soul desires. Be a boss! (18:30.)

Have you heard of the “confidence gap” that women face? When men apply for a job or a promotion they only meet 60% off the qualifications but when women apply for a position they feel that they have to meet 100% of the qualifications (19:30.)

Overcome doubt with self-love by practicing being comfortable with being uncomfortable (21:00.)

Interested in Ta’lor’s Leading Lady Campaign? There she interviews women at different stages of the LADYHOOD journey, from high school graduates to CEOs. This campaign seeks to inspire women to never give up on their heart and soul desires (24:00.)

Tune in now to hear Ta’lor Pinkston’s favorite quote! (26:00)

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