Leading Yourself Well With Marissa Nash

Today on the Brava Podcast I am so pleased to introduce you to Marissa Nash. Marissa is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Team Coach that specializes in helping YOU to make an impact whether it be within your own organization, your community, with your family or the world.

In today’s episode we discuss everything from how to avoid burnout, how to incorporate self-care into your routine, and even how to perform your own life audit! So use this next 20 minutes with Marissa as your own personal time with your new life coach. She’s got your back because she knows you have big plans for your future. Let’s get started!

Marissa Nash and the Brava Podcast


Marissa’s company, The Vine Collective, is a great resource for leaders, teams, and women everywhere! Her background stems from being a yoga instructor. She now coaches women in the corporate and entrepreneurial space (1:15.)

A lot of her work that she integrates into her practice is by John Maxwell and how to lead well (3:34.)

Looking to create a real impact on others? Marissa believes you can do this by having a positive influence on the people, the environment, and the cause you are most passionate about. It’s creating change that is sustainable. It means to leading with wellness and wholeness and working to inspire others to be the best they can be (5:12.)

Marissa’s Leadership Growth Plan is a roadmap for women to plan their growth for their life and leadership. Check it out here! (6:00.)

On Sunday nights, Marissa plans out her workouts for the week because that is her priority. It creates self-accountability as she plans to succeed in the week for what matters most to her. What’s your priorities? Share in the comments below! (8:00.)

Curious on how you can perform a life audit? You have to know where you are before you know how to make change in your life. She walks women through a 7-step process beginning with your why and your purpose on what you want to do. Continue tuning in to hear all of the 7 step process in her interview (9:34.)

Looking to create change? Marissa would suggest getting clear on what matters to you. Then, identify what gaps there may be in your community. Lastly, take action and remember, it’s ok to start small (11:37.)

Marissa is very inspired by Brené Brown because she is focused not only on strategy but also the heart (13:11.)

Need help with focus? She recommends writing 3 things each morning of different tasks you want to accomplish (14:45.)

Let’s talk books that inspire! Marissa loves the “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell and “Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown, but via Audio! (16:55.)

Want to learn more from Marissa? She is starting her next Mastermind in the fall! Be sure to check it out here.

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Rooting your Career in Self-Love with Ta’lor Pinkston

Prioritizing self-love and self-care is essential for your career. Tune in to meet Ta’lor Pinkston. Ta’lor is the founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC and has made it her mission to help women and girls know their worth by making self-love a priority through creating a community for women empowerment. Tune in below or on Apple, Spotify, Castbox (and more!) for new ways to practice self-care that will ultimately create success and development in your career.


Ta’lor launched her blog, LADYHOOD journey, that helped her heal through many of the struggles she was facing. It is focused on self-love, womanhood and healing (2:20.)

“Glowing-up” to Ta’lor is not a financial gain, instead it’s a personal inner-peace to understand your own worth. She believes that when anyone focuses on the glow-up and their desire of what they really want to do that it shows (3:30.)

Being a perfectionist and seeking perfection can be such a disservice to yourself as perfection is not attainable (5:25.)

Self-love is being okay with being imperfect.
— Ta'lor Pinkston

A big part of Ta’lor’s self-care is in her own self-reflection and being compassionate in regards to herself (7:30.)

We don’t realize how much power our worth has.
— Ta'lor Pinkston

Ta’lor believes that affirmation is key. She writes down anything she wants to proclaim into this world. “Lift you hands in the air and say I’m powerful!” (9:52.)

“If you say I am powerful, I am going to rock this, I am capable, who I am is awesome in every way, then I guarantee you are going to believe it“ (13:00.)

Never dim your light to be in a relationship and neglect what your soul desires. Be a boss! (18:30.)

Have you heard of the “confidence gap” that women face? When men apply for a job or a promotion they only meet 60% off the qualifications but when women apply for a position they feel that they have to meet 100% of the qualifications (19:30.)

Overcome doubt with self-love by practicing being comfortable with being uncomfortable (21:00.)

Interested in Ta’lor’s Leading Lady Campaign? There she interviews women at different stages of the LADYHOOD journey, from high school graduates to CEOs. This campaign seeks to inspire women to never give up on their heart and soul desires (24:00.)

Tune in now to hear Ta’lor Pinkston’s favorite quote! (26:00)

Excited and want to see more from Ta’lor? Be sure to follow along at Ladyhood Journey and follower her on Instagram to stay in touch with her journey and abundance of self-love.

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How to Craft a Life You Love with Amy Tangerine

We talk a lot about the importance of creativity on the Brava Podcast. It’s not just a talent for designers or artists, it’s a trait that each us have, but also can exercise for start-ups, side-hustles and our day-to-day jobs.

Today we’ll be discussing how to craft not just creativity, good habits and a good environment, but also a life that you love. To help walk us through this how-to, I am thrilled to introduce you to creativity and craft maven, Amy Tangerine! Amy is the author of the colorful and amazing book, “Craft a Life You Love” and I’m so excited to see what tips and tricks she shares with us today.


At a young age, Amy fell in love with school supplies and as she grew older her passions expanded to fashion and people. (1:54)

Amy studied Fashion Design and Marketing in addition to Industrial Design (2:50)

She shifted to scrapbooking from fashion after falling in love at a class she took one day at a bookstore and quickly fell in love with the creative community (3:30.)

Looking to learn how to focus your creative energy? Amy knows that as a creative there is probably no shortage of creative ideas in your head. She believes that you need clarity to find what brings you joy and what your talents are (4:45.)

It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have, it matters how many ideas you make happen.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy does not believe in the “B-Word” and no, it’s not what you think! She doesn’t believe in being “busy” because it can equate to feeling rushed and overwhelmed and glorifying the trend of the “hustle”. She has made a mindset shift and says, “I have enough time for all things I want to do” (5:30.)

Give yourself permission to create.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy admits to being too hard on herself and will say, “give yourself grace”. She finds that she gives that grace to other people but sometimes not to herself and is working on being kinder to herself (10:15.)

Have you ever tried bullet-journaling? Amy Tangerine explains what a bullet journal is, how you can learn how to bullet-journal and why bullet-journaling is so epic! The best part about creative journaling? You can make it your own and live your best life (13:30.)

You don’t have to do more to be more. We are already enough.
— Amy Tangerine

What’s next for Amy? She feels something big is coming in the near future! She wants to learn to let go and flow with intention and is ready for her next adventure. Specifically she hopes to cultivate more of a community, potentially a podcast, continue creating content, and continue posting videos to her YouTube! (15:45.)

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Invest in Yourself with Purpose and Potential Coach Becca White

“Showing up for yourself has a return on investment that never stops.” Today’s guest on the Brava Podcast believes in this statement through and through. Here on Brava, we discuss a lot about “the leap” to get to that next step, to achieve that goal and to enact change for the better whether it’s in your life or at work.

 Meet today’s guest: Becca White. Becca is a purpose and potential coach specializing in helping women battling postpartum, balancing business and leaping in life. Tune in below or on iTunes to learn how you can invest in yourself and in your dream with purpose and without fear.

Becca White The Brava Podcast


Becca’s business is to help others find their purpose.  She loves problem-solving and the power of a silver-lining to help others. When she became pregnant with her first child she began looking at things completely differently. Her business was born because she started asking for guidance after battling postpartum after having her children (2:30.)

Everybody goes through the fear/ love cycle of taking the leap into a new idea or phase of life. Becca wants to help her clients identify what their gifts are so that they are so aligned with their purpose that it creates momentum that won’t stop (4:23.)

Becca believes that mentors are vital for your growth:

You need someone who will hold space for you as a sounding board and is 100% in your court.
— Becca White

Becca’s advice on balancing your 9-5, family, friends, side-hustle and more? “Quit making it hard for yourself.” She believes its essential to identify what your gift and goal is and clear out all of your other distractions (7:45.)

This year Becca is devoting her time and her research to postpartum and is writing a book about her findings. She finds a lot of people don’t report postpartum and that there is a shame surrounding it. She wants to shake-up the diagnosis theory. She believes it’s important to hold space for a new family similarly to how we treat the loss of a loved one and show up for the new mother in a similar way (17:30.)

Becca on the importance of reaching out to mother’s too in the postpartum period:

We don’t do a good job on mothering the mother.
— Becca White

Becca’s favorite advice? Eventually you’re going to have to jump. You got this Brava listeners!

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Finding Balance and Regaining Strength with Tara Laferrara

Today I am sitting down with personal trainer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur Tara Laferrara. Tara is a businesswoman with a passion for fitness and wellness. She’s the founder of the TL Method, co-owner of Compass Fitness in Denver, Co-Founder of Beach Movement Balance and co-host of her own podcast, the A-Cup Podcast! She’s also been featured in or has worked with a number of brands from Shape and Women’s Health Magazine to RedBull and FinishLine.

We’ll be chatting about how to find balance and regain strength, two facets of life that we seek whether we’re in the gym or battling our day-to-day work routines. Tune in now below!

Tara Laferrara Brava Podcast Interview


Fitness and wellness is first nature to Tara. Being a teammate has grown her passion for it along the way and her inspiration to help the fitness journey of the people around her to move their body (1:30.)

Tara shares how important it is to make time for yourself each day. Carving out an hour each day for you whether it be mediation, mindfulness or movement (2:25.)

When change gets thrown in your way how can you stay the course in your own health and wellness journey? Practicing self-care to set-up yourself for success. This is especially important during the holiday season. If you take care of yourself first everything else will flow (3:50).

Tara believes that fitness is movement, eating, nutrition and mindset. Tara’s TL Method embodies this with a focus in movement. With everything from upper body workouts to challenge days, the TL Method is a curated program to make you feel comfortable in your body. Most important, the TL Method community, a motivational team of sorts from all over the world (5:15.) 

Having trouble giving yourself time for fitness and wellness? Ask yourself, what’s your priority throughout the day? Tara recommends to literally add it to your busy calendar to help make time. That is YOUR time! (8:30.)

Want to get moving while sitting…right now? Okay, let’s get started. First, sit up tall and sit all the way back in your chair. Bring your shoulders up to your ears, exhale and then bring them back down. Next, use your breath and gently twist to the right and left in your chair (11:30.)  

Want to continue following Tara’s story? She has her own podcast as well! Be sure to check out the A-Cup Podcast, a conversation between her and her best friend about female entrepreneurship (14:20.)

Hitting a roadblock in your own entrepreneur venture? Ask yourself, why I am I doing this? Is it for myself or my community? (16:20.)