Creating a Following with Travel Influencer Adaleta Avdić

Today we go behind-the-scenes with global social media travel influencer Adaleta Avdić as she shows us how to create a following and community. With more than 700,000 followers, she’ll break down which platforms she thinks have the most opportunity for growth, how to continue to engage your audience, and how to build your brand’s following, or even your own - all by keeping it real on social media. Tune in now on iTunes, Spotfiy, and below to get inspired!

Adaleta Avdic for the Brava Podcast


Adaleta is originally from Bosnia and came to the U.S. in the early 90s. From the moment she arrived, she always knew that she was going to have to work hard to make things happen. She watched her father pursue his dream and it inspired her to follow her own dream to develop a career that she loved (1:52.)

Before she jumped into her blogging career, she waited for a sign. That sign? In the fall of 2018 there were two trip opportunities she was offered but all of her PTO (paid time off) at her corporate office were used (5:00.)

She loves Instagram and has loved it since day one. The focus on photos and the visual aspect of it is what she finds so inspiring and motivating (6:32.)

Many influencers started blogging without the idea of making money and just because it was their passion. Adaleta strongly recommends going into this career path ONLY if you have a passion that is unique to you, and to not mimic anyone else. That’s where she finds her own competitive advantage (9:45.)

Follow your passion, and let social media complement your work (11:34.)

3 words that describe Adaleta’s branding: feminine, realistic and sassy (12:45.)

Adaleta is an advocate of giving back to her community. She makes sure to always do giveaways to give back to her followers. Responding to direct messages and comments are key to building a community (17:21.)

Trying to beat the Instagram algorithm? She thinks that posting consistently helps to increase engagement. She also thinks posting video is key to beating the algorithm (19:25.)

Whatever your product is…when it comes to business you have to take the emotion out of it and roll with the punches…or you won’t succeed.
— Adaleta Avdić on resilience when building a brand

Adaleta works to give back to children, their environment, and their education. She works with a local non-profits in her community and Girls, Inc. She also is passionate about paying it forward (26:05.)

What’s next for Adaleta? She just created a necklace with Sequin jewelry and is interested in continuing styling with brands in the future. She also is interested in acting! I can’t wait to see her on the big screen (27:56.)

Interested in following Adaleta’s next steps? Check out her site here and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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Transforming Communities with Female Founder Collective’s Director of Community + Brand Partnerships Elisabeth Leonard

“When women join together to enact change, ANYTHING can happen.”

Today I’m sitting down with the woman behind the Female Founder Collective. Meet Elisabeth Leonard. A dynamic woman that has partnered with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff to lead a network of businesses led by women, that support women. Tune in for advice on how to start and transform your own community, learn what women inspire her along the way and much more!

Elisabeth Leonard Brava Podcast


Elisabeth is calling in from…Santiago, Chile! She works remotely by using email, Slack, Facetime, GoogleDrive and more to keep in touch with her team at Rebecca Minkoff (1:25.)

She worked with Rebecca for almost 6 years and started with the company as a temporary receptionist. It turned into her career! After her first 3 months in her temp position she was hired as Rebecca’s Executive Assistant. From there, she continued to work with the PR and Events team. Together they always had a shared passion of supporting female founders and women. For instance, be sure to check out their Superwomen Podcast as just one of the many examples of how the are creating change (3:30.)

Elisabeth focuses on community management and the growth of the Female Founder Collective and works alongside Rebecca as a mentor and friend (5:25.)

Every female entrepreneur is fighting for the same thing. Recognition. Rather than fighting against each other we need to cheer each other on and support each other!
— Elisabeth Leonard

One of the greatest practices that the members focus on is collaboration. They do this by sharing resources, ideas, and experiences (9:15.)

Interested in joining the Female Founder Collective? You can apply here. Once you are part of the community, you can receive the FCC seal. Elisabeth adds that there are a lot of ways to support female founded organizations through sharing love on social media, mentoring, shopping and purchasing in their shops, and more (13:30.)

On being a receptionist, Elisabeth shares that you learn so many different things because you are the first and last face people see each day. She built relationships with so many people in the office from different departments. It gave her an advantage to understanding where she wanted to see her own career go. It was one of the most incredible experiences she was given (17:00.)

Elisabeth’s mom and Rebecca Minkoff are her role models as they always encourage her to always strive for happiness and never to stop asking questions (20:34.)

In the near future, the Female Founder Collective is hoping to continue pushing the FFC seal to change shopping behaviors. They also hope to continue growing the collective and encourage everyone to buy and support women-owned businesses (21:58.)

Ready to join the Female Founder Collective? Check it out here.

Excited to learn more and follow Elisabeth? Follow her story now.

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Starting, Owning & Operating with Brianne Conley

Have you every wanted to run a retail shop? A fashionista at heart, I’ve always been intrigued about the possibility…buying seasonal trends, decking out the store…but I have no idea where to begin! Brick & mortar in the digital world? Sounds like a fashion don’t.

Enter No. 14 Boutique, a one of a kind shop. It’s creatively curated and delicately designed. Plus, it’s spearheading a masterclass on how to best utilize social media for the retail space. Join me as I interview the savvy Brianne Conley, one of the co-owners behind the brand. We’ll be diving into the “how” behind starting, owning and operating a business and you won’t want to miss it.

Tune in below to learn more!

The Brava Podcast featuring Brianne Conley No14 Boutique


Brianne saw a need for an affordable, trendy, small boutique, family-owned spot in Pittsburgh. She opened her business with her mom and she doesn’t think she could go into business with anyone else (1:30).

Buying product really is a bit like shopping and it’s Brianne’s favorite part of her job. She goes four to five times a year picking out new vendors to fit different seasons (4:51).

When it comes to education, Brianne when to High Point University in North Carolina and majored in Strategic Communications which helped her exponentially learning about public speaking and social media. Even so, Brianne admits a lot of what she learned is from her experience in starting her own business (6:23).  

She believes there is quite the difference between branding her personal and company Instagram. On her personal, she may highlight her day-to-day as an entrepreneur, but on her business account it’s much more focused on new product and selling (8:30).  

We discussed “Instagrammable Moments”, to Brianne that encompasses creating unique vignettes in parts of her store. For instance, her fitting rooms have quotes on the floor title (10:38).

Brianne works closely with her team and bounces ideas off of them. She works to create a community where each can talk openly (11:54).  

I love Brianne’s hiring process advice. Once when she was hiring for a new intern, she gave specific directions via email. If someone didn’t hire the very simple direction in the email then it may show that the person may not be the best fit for the brand (13:19).

Brianne is constantly working ahead, buying for seasons to come. Right now what’s in style? Leopard. It’s making a huge comeback for Holiday into the new year (17:46).

Brianne’s tip to following and chasing your dreams? “Just do it and be as resourceful as possible” (21:26).

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