Negotiating, Equality, and Inclusivity with Talent Recruiter Jeesoo Sohn

What does it take to build talented teams and to grow outstanding companies? Inclusivity, equality, and transparency. Today, I’m thrilled to have Jeesoo Sohn on the Brava Podcast. Jeesoo is a Senior Talent Recruiter for Glossier focusing on managing and leading talent efforts to create the strongest people powered eco system. Prior to Glossier she worked with Pittsburgh’s own Duolingo as their lead recruiter . From today’s conversation you’ll learn how to work towards inclusivity and diversity in the workspace, how to negotiate your way to equal pay and benefits and more!

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Jeesoo has an educational background in…music! She studied music at Carnegie Mellon. In college she learned a little bit more about herself and that while she was passionate about music, she realized that she enjoyed her work at her part-time job in the Office of Admissions (1:57.)

Duolingo’s decision for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace was a natural next step for the team (4:00.)

On why it’s important to have women represented equally in the workplace: “when you have the same type of person you’re going to be making very unilateral decisions that only reflect the values of those people” (5:00.)

Inclusivity drives diversity.
— Jeesoo Sohn

Want to practice inclusivity…now? The familiar is a lot more comfortable than the unfamiliar. Be sure to ask questions and genuinely get to know people with different backgrounds than you. Jeesoo suggests to never judge others and that we all probably have much more in common - that is where she leads from (8:02.)

My first rule when starting a new job? You should ALWAYS negotiate!
— Jeesoo Sohn

You need to know what your bottom line is when negotiating. Physically write it down and never stray from that bottom line (10:14.)

Salary is not the only thing you can negotiate when entering a new position. You can negotiate title, sign-on bonuses, re-location and more! Whatever is right for you (12:07.)

Jeesoo is a fantastic planner and it’s one of the best ways she can stay organized to produce the best work-life balance (13:40.)

Jeesoo’s favorite quote? “It’s better to have a whole than an a$$hole.” - Her explanation? “It’s more beneficial for the business and the team to wait for a quality candidate than a quantity candidate.” I couldn’t agree more (16:00.)

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Differentiating Your Product with CEO and Beauty Guru Lauren Napier

Today on Brava we’re uncovering the success of the entrepreneur and expert behind Lauren Napier Beauty with the founder herself. In today’s episode, Lauren highlights key takeaways of how you can differentiate your brand, gives details about how she launched her beauty line and products, and talks about how she pays it forward along the way. Tune in below or on iTunes to hear more about how this make-up artist turned CEO is changing and challenging the beauty space.

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Lauren loved her career as a make-up artist but one of the things that propelled her to start her own brand was learning from her surroundings and wanting to create her own working environment (2:20.)

She believes that you have to have resilience as a leader (3:30.)

There is a transformation that people take when they put on make-up but also a transformation when they take it off. Lauren saw first-hand how her clients were hesitant to take off the “veil” of sorts they put on which upset her because they were beautiful just the way they were with or without make-up (4:20.)

The quality of Lauren’s beauty products is key to differentiating her product (7:50.)

The beauty industry is really focused…on playing up and preying on our insecurities. The philosophy of itself [Lauren Napier Beauty] is that there is beauty in taking it off.
— Lauren Napier

My goal is to make people feel good about their authentic self (10:30.)

Shoutout to Squarespace (not sponsored) for being an amazing partner for entrepreneurs (and podcasters alike!) That was Lauren’s first step in finding a space for her idea to flourish (12:15.)

Lauren thinks it is key to be “everywhere” - different search engines, website support, social media and more! (15:00.)

How did Lauren start her beauty brand? She was traveling and was using a face wipe that was completely dried out that just would not do! Her first step? Putting her idea into action (18:00.)

Ask question, research, fact find, you will find the answers!
— Lauren Napier

She cutout all of the extras and the frills for a year to help save her money and utilize it to launch her company (21:00.)

Be patient with yourself. It’s very important to know you don’t have all of the answers.
— Lauren Napier

There is powering in sharing! Some people want to hoard information but Lauren believes what you give is what you get and shares her manufacturing lists, her contact lists, etc. with your colleagues. You can be generous without wanting something back (23:00.)

Lauren believes it’s important to be able to stand proudly behind her product and that is why she manufactures her product with solar energy and has created completely recyclable packaging (26:15.)

She’ll be celebrating five years for her business in May! Check out now to support her next steps! #YouGoGirl

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How to Craft a Life You Love with Amy Tangerine

We talk a lot about the importance of creativity on the Brava Podcast. It’s not just a talent for designers or artists, it’s a trait that each us have, but also can exercise for start-ups, side-hustles and our day-to-day jobs.

Today we’ll be discussing how to craft not just creativity, good habits and a good environment, but also a life that you love. To help walk us through this how-to, I am thrilled to introduce you to creativity and craft maven, Amy Tangerine! Amy is the author of the colorful and amazing book, “Craft a Life You Love” and I’m so excited to see what tips and tricks she shares with us today.

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At a young age, Amy fell in love with school supplies and as she grew older her passions expanded to fashion and people. (1:54)

Amy studied Fashion Design and Marketing in addition to Industrial Design (2:50)

She shifted to scrapbooking from fashion after falling in love at a class she took one day at a bookstore and quickly fell in love with the creative community (3:30.)

Looking to learn how to focus your creative energy? Amy knows that as a creative there is probably no shortage of creative ideas in your head. She believes that you need clarity to find what brings you joy and what your talents are (4:45.)

It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have, it matters how many ideas you make happen.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy does not believe in the “B-Word” and no, it’s not what you think! She doesn’t believe in being “busy” because it can equate to feeling rushed and overwhelmed and glorifying the trend of the “hustle”. She has made a mindset shift and says, “I have enough time for all things I want to do” (5:30.)

Give yourself permission to create.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy admits to being too hard on herself and will say, “give yourself grace”. She finds that she gives that grace to other people but sometimes not to herself and is working on being kinder to herself (10:15.)

Have you ever tried bullet-journaling? Amy Tangerine explains what a bullet journal is, how you can learn how to bullet-journal and why bullet-journaling is so epic! The best part about creative journaling? You can make it your own and live your best life (13:30.)

You don’t have to do more to be more. We are already enough.
— Amy Tangerine

What’s next for Amy? She feels something big is coming in the near future! She wants to learn to let go and flow with intention and is ready for her next adventure. Specifically she hopes to cultivate more of a community, potentially a podcast, continue creating content, and continue posting videos to her YouTube! (15:45.)

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Invest in Yourself with Purpose and Potential Coach Becca White

“Showing up for yourself has a return on investment that never stops.” Today’s guest on the Brava Podcast believes in this statement through and through. Here on Brava, we discuss a lot about “the leap” to get to that next step, to achieve that goal and to enact change for the better whether it’s in your life or at work.

 Meet today’s guest: Becca White. Becca is a purpose and potential coach specializing in helping women battling postpartum, balancing business and leaping in life. Tune in below or on iTunes to learn how you can invest in yourself and in your dream with purpose and without fear.

Becca White The Brava Podcast


Becca’s business is to help others find their purpose.  She loves problem-solving and the power of a silver-lining to help others. When she became pregnant with her first child she began looking at things completely differently. Her business was born because she started asking for guidance after battling postpartum after having her children (2:30.)

Everybody goes through the fear/ love cycle of taking the leap into a new idea or phase of life. Becca wants to help her clients identify what their gifts are so that they are so aligned with their purpose that it creates momentum that won’t stop (4:23.)

Becca believes that mentors are vital for your growth:

You need someone who will hold space for you as a sounding board and is 100% in your court.
— Becca White

Becca’s advice on balancing your 9-5, family, friends, side-hustle and more? “Quit making it hard for yourself.” She believes its essential to identify what your gift and goal is and clear out all of your other distractions (7:45.)

This year Becca is devoting her time and her research to postpartum and is writing a book about her findings. She finds a lot of people don’t report postpartum and that there is a shame surrounding it. She wants to shake-up the diagnosis theory. She believes it’s important to hold space for a new family similarly to how we treat the loss of a loved one and show up for the new mother in a similar way (17:30.)

Becca on the importance of reaching out to mother’s too in the postpartum period:

We don’t do a good job on mothering the mother.
— Becca White

Becca’s favorite advice? Eventually you’re going to have to jump. You got this Brava listeners!

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How to Live a Creative Life with Mrs. Kay Hillman

Today’s episode will serve as a challenge in how we each can live a more creative life. And, no – that does not mean by the end of this interview that we’ll be wearing berets, holding a paintbrush in our one hand and one-way tickets to Paris in the other. We’re going to be diving into the essential ways we can each look at a challenge or goal (whether it be in your personal or work life) and see how it can be tackled in a creative fashion.

Meet Mrs. Kay Hillman, photographer, social media maven, business coach, podcaster and blogger! Kay helps women to deal with the many facets of being an entrepreneur: branding, content creation, finances – you name it. Tune in to hear from Kay and how she lives her creative life to the fullest.  


I like to tell people I really do the most. I fell into this! I need to find something that aligns with who I am that I am passionate about. Since 2018 I haven’t looked back. I’m passionate about teaching others, especially women entrepreneurs and female creatives (1:40.)

The most challenging part of jumping into an entrepreneurial work life?

It’s a mindset shift. You have to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like a business owner.
— Mrs. Kay Hillman

When you start monetizing what you are doing, that is when you step into the realm of being a “creative entrepreneur (5:30.)

Looking to launch your creative business? Mrs. Kay Hillman recommends to create a portfolio or body of work as your first step. Take it from a hobby to a REAL idea (7:55.)

Have you practiced manifesting your goals, hopes and dreams? Mrs. Kay Hillman does not believe in secrets. She believes that if she knows, everybody else should know. Thus, she shares her goals and her “hows” across her site and social media. She loves to share her big goals whether she may reach them or not (10:00.)

My table is open to everybody. There are plenty of chairs.
— Mrs. Kay Hillman

Mrs. Kay Hillman’s goal is to help empower women to use their creativity and passion to help them earn money doing what they love (11:20.)

Want to try manifestation for the first time? To Mrs. Kay Hillman, manifestation is setting your intentions and goals to the forefront of your mind and your speaking positivity into whatever you are manifesting (13:00.)

Manifestation frees you from all the things that stress you out (16:47.)

To live a more creative life each day Mrs. Kay Hillman likes to talk to people and reach out to her community. She surrounds herself by high energy women and loves to spend her time outside. Finding your creativity is very personal, it’s not a one-sized fit all solution (18:38.)

Mrs. Kay Hillman just launched a new e-book, “Milk the Cow” that is set out to help entrepreneurs create content that will help you attract your ideal client (20:55). '

In 2019 I will…do inspired work (23:30.)

How will you finish that sentence? Comment below!

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