How to Craft a Life You Love with Amy Tangerine

We talk a lot about the importance of creativity on the Brava Podcast. It’s not just a talent for designers or artists, it’s a trait that each us have, but also can exercise for start-ups, side-hustles and our day-to-day jobs.

Today we’ll be discussing how to craft not just creativity, good habits and a good environment, but also a life that you love. To help walk us through this how-to, I am thrilled to introduce you to creativity and craft maven, Amy Tangerine! Amy is the author of the colorful and amazing book, “Craft a Life You Love” and I’m so excited to see what tips and tricks she shares with us today.


At a young age, Amy fell in love with school supplies and as she grew older her passions expanded to fashion and people. (1:54)

Amy studied Fashion Design and Marketing in addition to Industrial Design (2:50)

She shifted to scrapbooking from fashion after falling in love at a class she took one day at a bookstore and quickly fell in love with the creative community (3:30.)

Looking to learn how to focus your creative energy? Amy knows that as a creative there is probably no shortage of creative ideas in your head. She believes that you need clarity to find what brings you joy and what your talents are (4:45.)

It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have, it matters how many ideas you make happen.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy does not believe in the “B-Word” and no, it’s not what you think! She doesn’t believe in being “busy” because it can equate to feeling rushed and overwhelmed and glorifying the trend of the “hustle”. She has made a mindset shift and says, “I have enough time for all things I want to do” (5:30.)

Give yourself permission to create.
— Amy Tangerine

Amy admits to being too hard on herself and will say, “give yourself grace”. She finds that she gives that grace to other people but sometimes not to herself and is working on being kinder to herself (10:15.)

Have you ever tried bullet-journaling? Amy Tangerine explains what a bullet journal is, how you can learn how to bullet-journal and why bullet-journaling is so epic! The best part about creative journaling? You can make it your own and live your best life (13:30.)

You don’t have to do more to be more. We are already enough.
— Amy Tangerine

What’s next for Amy? She feels something big is coming in the near future! She wants to learn to let go and flow with intention and is ready for her next adventure. Specifically she hopes to cultivate more of a community, potentially a podcast, continue creating content, and continue posting videos to her YouTube! (15:45.)

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