Paying Off Debt with Financial Hype Woman Berna Anat

Today we’re going to be discussing a lesson that they didn’t teach me in college. How to pay off debt. Honestly, with how many students now end up in college debt you would think this would be a no brainer to add to any curriculum!

Whether you are ready to take on your college debt head-on, pay off your car loans or get that credit card bill to zero this conversation is going to make that a whole lot easier.

Meet Berna Anat, your new and much needed financial hype woman.

In today’s conversation you are going to leave with at least 3 takeaways: 1) how to start tackling that loan 2) how to look forward and start investing in your future and 3) that finance is not a scary word – and that you can do this. Let’s get to it.


Berna may have a career in finance but believe it or not, Berna doesn’t have a background in finance! She is a financial literacy creator who teaches young people, especially young people of color, about money (1:40.)

She had $48,000 in college debt and $12,000 in credit debt and knew it was time to switch her mindset. When she googled “budgeting advice” and “how to pay of credit card debt” she realized the information that was coming up was written by men, a stark contrast to her own voice (6:00.)

For Berna, “financial literacy” means learning the rules of the money game as it stands in 2019. It can be different for each person sees it: how do I set-up my money habits now for how it will make sense down the road. She thinks it’s incredibly important for women right now because we have so much purchasing power (7:30.)

Did you know that not until 1974 could women not have their own lines of credit? (9:30.)

Last year we reached 1.5 trillion, yes trillion, of student debt in the U.S. and women hold 65% of that value and are paying off student debt slower than men after graduation (10:00.)

Looking to pay off your student debt? Berna has tips for you. First and foremost, put more of your paycheck towards your debt than you were previous comfortable with and learn to live off less of your paycheck (12:10.)

Focus on your smallest loan first to kick off the momentum (15:00.)

The gender wealth gap affects women differently. Women of color are often erased in the 81 cents ratio. For instance, Hispanic and Latina women earn as little as 51 cents to the dollar. (16:00.)

It’s not as simple as 81 cents! We can’t keep erasing the women who exist inside of this gender pay gap and are suffering more than others.
— Berna Anat

Investing is for everyone and you don’t need a lot of money to invest. (19:10.)

Go out and claim the damn dollar you’re worth!
— Berna Anat

Currently one of Berna’s next professional financial goals is to create a 6 month business emergency savings. 6 months of the costs it takes to run her business. Another goal is to make enough consistent money to be able to hire help to continue to develop her brand and company (23:13.)

Want to dive into more information about budgeting, financial literacy and investing? Check out Berna’s website and sign up for her newsletter!


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